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Itinerary so far…

Well so far we have travelled as follows:

Day one Wales, England, France and Belgium staying outside Bruges

Day two down through Germany to Munich

Day three down to Fussen to see the famous castle then through into Austria to stay in Kitzbuhel – but completely weird without any snow at all and not long off the start of the ski season..!

And today – day four – across Austria to Vienna where we have just arrived!

Some extra pics of the last few days attached…including the weird Kitzbuhel fencing and “honey done properly”
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Bratislava on the horizon

Bit of a concrete jungle and a far cry from Austria’s perfection even though just scross the border – a poor relation buy cialis walmart inderal for sale

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Budapest next!

Lots and lots and lots of trucks on this route!! Long clear motorway. Very well organised here in Hungary but border looked a bit bleak…

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Shock Newsflash!! Hungary does not use Euros….!!!!

Slight issue as we therefore had no cash for taxis / bars etc so walked about 3 miles (in intermittent rain) and drank/ate in places that took credit cards!!!
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McSorry UK….

Croatia McDoes it better! Mark our words McDonalds will be doing these dessert counters within a year!!
John making sure the Gardners van shows its full Welsh Colours to Croatia!

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Not to be outdone, onwards to our potential Knox Vineyard….!!

Sussing out the local competition to the Gardners Vineyard and its cellars….after all we are sort of wine experts……..

We have purchased a really nice bottle of wine for the winner of the “guess the mileage of the trip” competition…

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Welsh Dragons a hit at local Orphanage…!!

The rally makes a stop at a local Orphanage to deliver toys – as they did in 1997 (see stone plaque). The Minivan had a consignment of Welsh Dragons which were an instant hit with the kids!!!

Dragon photo of us taken by Sue Dronfield Team 86

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A Night at the Museum….!

Quick visit to the local and brilliantly designed museum turns into an epic stay as John wanted to look at EVERYTHING!!
See view from museum rooftop and also the size of our modern Mini next to an original one….. buy brand viagra plus

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The Maserati and Ferrari Museum!! Amazing!

This is based where Enzo Ferrari was born and ran his factory!

The Maserati section is new – like an Austin Powers set with 60s groovy music piped out all the time!

See the executive Ferrari dog kennels on the first pic – a novel Christmas present?
The Gardners team can’t decide what to buy so amazingly buy nothing at all!!
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Monday and Gardners tell us to get on our bike – literally!!!

Gareth insisted that we diverted to the cycle museum so he could promote the cycle to work tax benefit schemes to his clients! Very impressive – but Gareth went straight to the Ferrari bicycle section!!

Gardners team pictured in front of the first bike as drawn snd invented by Leonardo di Vinci!

John – the sign in Italian on that ice cream bike almost certainly translates to “Do Not Touch” let alone get on it and start peddling like you did!!!!

Note the Mercedes bike – see the spoke design – with a puncture!!
Note also the Audi bike – how can a two wheeled bike bear the quattro logo…… ?! generic cialis online cheap buy brand name lexapro

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Monzo today!! Hooray!!

What a fantastic day – we will get to drive round the old and new circuits at Monzo!! Unbelievably the old one is actually on a slope!!

Following the overwhelming success of the power plant acquisition, Melanie has employed two bodyguards to travel alongside her everywhere until she gets back to Holywell – we have tried to hint that this is perhaps a little OTT…!
The badly focussed picture shows the cup challenge – driving over 6 plastic cups in a timed 30 second circuit! I had to drive this as the other circuit involved reversing the van round cones where I would be even worse! It did not go well so we expect to tumble further down the rally table tonight ….. 🙁 cost of sildalis buy cialis sublingual

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Quick detour on the way back to the hotel to Lake Maggiore as you do!!!

Thought you should know for the total mileage competition!!

Melanie just keeps getting the Gardners banner out claiming new territories!! Pictured here in a brief moment away from her bodyguards…!

Gareth poses for a pic then joins the fun by wearing Phil’s mask!

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Tuesday's Charity Auction and the Imperial Hotel Llandudno goes down a treat!!

Many thanks to the Imperial Hotel for its generous donation of a two night B & B break – this raised £250 for charity and nearly £10,000 was raised in total just at the auction!!
The Imperial is pictured – a lovely 4 star hotel literally on the seafront in Llandudno – the most beautiful seaside resort in North Wales!

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Last day on rally starting at 16 out of 56 off to the rooftop of fiat building in Lingotto!!!

Unfortunately repair works underway so couldn’t drive round but had private passes to walk around the top – great fun!
See views in lift shaft showing old factory – now turned into a hotel!!Not sure what happened to the Gardners crowd today – no sign at breakfast and no sign of their Ferraris here…. then John Gardner “appeared” to announce their new Italian satellite office…!

Melanie wearing Phil’s mask on the roof for a bit of fun – hope you don’t mind Phil – we have to humour our sponsors……

Gareth really getting into the “pretending to drive round” spirit!!

John stuck to the edge at the top in fright!!
It really is very very steep and walking down from the top your feet slip round in your shoes!! Feeling very unstable on this slope without my skis……!!

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The Gardners Helipad …!

It all becomes clear how the Gardners Team arrived – apparently it only takes 8.5 minutes from Holywell to Lingotto ……

Not sure where they are going to land at the other end…..
Not sure if they have thought this through…..
Melanie’s bodyguards stunned into silence on hearing they will lose their favourite client as she is flying back to Holywell!

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Three countries today!

Italy, Switzerland and France today. Headed over to Reims for the night. Great hotel but schoolgirl error – no bar after 8pm..!! Had a lovely Chinese buffet – great variety – then headed back to be greeted at the hotel with the bar shuttered up!! I was not popular as John had been driving all day…!!

Best breakfast so far though!
Welsh flag nearly on its last legs now after our massive journey but still standing proud!!!

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