Shock!! Drama as John arrested at Slovenian checkpoint!!

Massive crowds gather to witness the surprise arrest of this mild mannered individual! How embarassing for us!

Apparently the Minivan needed to have a special Slovenian sticker on the screen – cost €15 – available at petrol stations near the border. Signs are apparently there to tell us but – wait for it – doh not in English!!

Fine (including “free” sticker thingy!!!) €165!!

We will be sleeping in the van tonight as our budget has been used up saving John from the local cells..!

Luckily my legal training and heightened negotiation skills came to the rescue (or was it the company Visa card…??!!)

Strangely the Police did not want to see John’s driving licence (???!!!) – just the colour of our cash!! Come to think of it I have never seen his driving licence either – hope he has got one..!!!

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