Sooooo cool and 100% true!!! How did they manage to organise this???!!!!

Well this was a truly unbelievable event and one which neither of us will ever forget! The organisers teamed up with the Mini Club of Rome and the local police and met us at the top of one of Rome’s 7 hills with spectacular views across the city – parking all reserved for our Minis! The local police welcome us and the local press took lots of pics of the cars! cialis kidney disease when is valtrex going generic Then the most amazing bit – a full 30 minute fast speed police motorbike escort of the minis right across town past all the sights to our hotel!! Wow! They put the lights across Rome to red to let us through! We were all peeping and speeding all the way and crowds wwre waving at the convoy – anazing!!!!! buy cialis online reviews cialis commercial with black couple The press were at the hotel for more welcome photos!!! It is great this celebrity lifestlye!! The most amazing bit was speeding round a corner and there right in front of us was the Colosseum!!! Wow wow wow!!!

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